The Family Photos: Family Pictures Full ScreenPaula Wheaton "PaulaPoo"John Powell "JP"Jerome Michael Powell "Jerry Mike"MaryJo Scheis "MoJo"LeeAnne Miller "LeeAnne"Leah Janine Menden "NeeNee"Everett Powell "Ev"Robert Powell "Bob"Patrick Powell "You guessed it! Kraps"Theodore Powell "Ted"Bryan Powell "Barney"

Just a few pictures to tell others about.

Original Pictures

Paula & Pat invested there inheritance into something concrete!

Grandpa, Enjoying the website too!

Our newest group picture.

Here's the lastest lineup!

Mom at Becky's Wedding. What a beutiful picture. Thanks for sending it Jerry.

Karen's new baby "Ozzie"

The twins and Aunti Polly!

Tonia, Alissa and WHO's that guy?

Jerry claims this was the last picture taken of mom. Photo taken in September.

Here's some of the boys from the Powell Christmas Party. Hey, what a good lookin group!

Alexandria and me. Apple didn't fall far from the tree!

Alex loven up Chris! Her long time boyfriend.

Vannessa! She's my Thursday girl!

Smell the Roses!

The boys pounding the keys!

A really nice picture of Dave & Linda.

Dave Neilsen showing me some tricks on the computer!

Relaxing in style!

Aileen throwing us all a kiss.

Alex catching the action at the last minute.

Some good looking girls!

Some more good looking girls.

I don't know! Do you think?

Good looking couple, and JP can dance too!

The men at the party.

Bob, sleeping off some of Linda's cooking.

Dan, doing the same thing as his dad.

Teddy showing me some COOL licks!

Jessie and Dana hanging together one last time.

The Fabulous first four, Tell me who they are?

Guess who this biker couple is?

Mom, Dad & Gramma....and it Looks like Bob & Everette when they were cute!

Steve Koontz, apparently a pretty good photo guy! Thanks for the picks.


White Lake 2004

The "NEW" Soph & Polly!

Piffle Open contestents.

2004 Piffle Open Champs.

The director & producer of the Piffle Open.

Bucking John!

What White Lake is really all about.

The Wedding Pictures

What a good looking couple!

Beautiful Bride!

And Becky thinks she's not photogenic.

Look at this happy couple. Must be from riding in that new bow tie toy!

Here's Chris and Alex!

Alex hanging out with Dave Nielsen.

Dave, Pat & John

I don't look so good next to this gorgeous girl.

Jane & Ev having a wonderful time.

The other Morley Couple. Aren't they good looking together.

The Man. Jerry Mike. Who do you Know!

John & Sherry with Jim Sheppard's brother.

Linda's sister Karen soaking up some of the fun.

Lee Ann doing Auntie Helen.

Linda and Jenny.

Linda & Pat

Pat dancing

Linda & Pat dancing.

Scott & Katrina

Sherry dancing, or is she singing?

Best friends!

The party never ends!